The Bambazoo

Bambazoo in multiple sizesThe amazing Bambazoo is a musical instrument of epic proportions. Everyone is learning to play the Bambazoo and you need to get one as soon as possible. Information on how to get a Bambazoo can be found right here on this website so don’t panic. The Bambazoo may look like a simple Kazoo made out of bamboo, but its simple appearance belies its raw expressive power. Rich and famous artists like Garrison Keillor have already purchased the¬†Bambazoo and are learning to play.

How can you get one, you ask? You can contact Doug. Get your order in now. The Bambazoo is a handmade instrument, made of entirely renewable and recycled materials, each one lovingly crafted by the artist in his native Portland, Oregon. The more people hear about the Bambazoo, the longer the waiting list will get.